Associated Press claims Beto spoke in ‘his native Spanish’

How far will the liberal media go to boost Beto O’Rourke’s Hispanic street cred? In an article published today, the Associated Press wrote that in a speech he gave in his hometown of El Paso [emphasis added] :

“O’Rourke also spoke at length in his native Spanish, eliciting loud and sustained cheers.”

(Article by Mark Finkelstein republished from

“Native Spanish?” Sorry, AP, but Beto is an American-born, fourth-generation Irish-American. He doesn’t seem ever to have lived in a Spanish-speaking country. His native language is inglés–sorry, English.

This tweet contains a clip of Beto speaking Spanish in an interview with Jorge Ramos. Truly native Spanish speakers will immediately note that whereas Beto speaks well, he has a noticeable American accent and that his grammar and syntax are far from perfect.

But hey, if making people think Beto is a “native” Spanish speaker wins him a few more votes, what’s the harm in misleading readers?

Note: shortly after I tweeted about Associated Press having written about Beto speaking in “his native Spanish,” the AP deleted the reference to “native Spanish” in its article. Luckily, a Twitter reader had preserved the original, and I was also able to find a Tennessee newspaper that ran the AP story in its original version with the “native Spanish” claim. And just in case that Tennessee paper also erases the “native Spanish” line, below is a screenshot of its original.  And here’s a link for the image of the article. Once opened, click on it to enlarge to full size. H/t SuperEliteMexGal @DeplorableGuey

Here is a screen shot of the original article. The key line is in the second paragraph:

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