Delusional Left believes a person’s sex NOT determined by biological anatomy … it’s simply a “wish” that can be altered at any moment

The Cult of LGBT and its leftist allies are incensed about possible new plans by the Trump administration to legally define individuals on official government documents as either male or female, and nothing else, based on their actual biological sex.

The proposed Title IX revisions, as explained in a memo allegedly leaked to The New York Times (NYT), would clean up much of the gender mess caused by the Obama administration. No longer would the federal government recognize things like gender “spectrums” under the new rules, instead recognizing scientific facts as they pertain to biology and what it means to be human.

Though it’s still a rumor, reports indicate that President Trump is planning to establish solid guidelines that define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.” In other words, “male” and “female” would be the only genders allowable on the “spectrum,” restoring the true binary definition of sex that’s existed since the beginning of time.

It’s common sense to those with the ability to think rationally. But to the Left, it’s discrimination and (fill -in-the-blank)-phobia. Anyone who subscribes to the notion that humans only come in two varieties, man and woman, is a bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic racist, according to the deranged Left.

“The anti-science Left … insist[s] that the government must operate according to their faith-based belief in an ambiguous, undefined ‘gender spectrum,'” writes conservative commentator Matt Walsh for The Daily Wire.

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If you can get impregnated, you’re a woman; if you can impregnate, you’re a man

But what about the transgender notion that a person can be born into the “wrong” body? This, too, is false. If your body equipment has the ability to impregnate a woman, then you’re a man, and vice versa. Even if you remove certain parts and add others, you’re still not the opposite sex.

“Indeed, if sex is not binary, if there really is a liquidy spectrum of hundreds or thousands of different genders, then there should be a Venn diagram with ‘Can get pregnant’ in one circle and ‘Can get others pregnant’ in the other, and millions upon millions of people in the intersecting circle in the middle. But there isn’t,” says Walsh, illustrating this point.

“There is no one in that middle circle. There is no middle circle at all. Every human belongs to the male circle or the female and nobody has ever crossed from one to the other. It looks like we have ourselves a binary system, by definition.”

Because there’s no such thing as a part-woman, part-man, there can’t be a gender spectrum because a spectrum implies that there are multiple variations of one type of thing, which we know from science isn’t the case with human beings.

“I know that color is a spectrum because of the existence of secondary colors. Mix red and yellow and you get orange. So, when it comes to sex, where is the orange?” asks Walsh poignantly. “Where is the person who possesses the functioning characteristics of both ends, thereby creating the blend, or the link, that truly makes a spectrum? … I’ll tell you where that person exists: in the fevered imagination of liberals. Nowhere else.”

The Trump administration seems to recognize these scientific facts in a way that the Obama administration didn’t. And those who were misled by the “be anything you want” narrative that was rampant during the eight years prior to President Trump are now having a hard time reconciling the lies they were told with reality, which is once again beginning to see the light of day.

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