Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick responsible for all the protesting just got honored by GQ magazine along with Islamic radical Linda Sarsour

The vast majority of the so-called “mainstream media” has gone completely communist in its support for the most anti-American figures of our time, as evidenced by their continued hero worship of figures who are trying to destroy our culture.

GQ Magazine became the latest collection of libtards to throw traditional values out the window by naming failed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as their “Citizen of the Year,” while honoring pro-Sharia law Islamic radical Linda Sarsour to a list of honorees as well.

As reported by PJ Media:

While Kaepernick remains without a team, his act of protest in kneeling for the national anthem has continued, and sparked a Veterans Day boycott of the NFL this past weekend. Furthermore, GQ also reported that Kaepernick would team up with Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, who supports a political enshrinement of sharia law and declared a “jihad” against President Donald Trump.

“A simple act — kneeling during the national anthem — changed everything. It cost [Kaepernick] his job. It also transformed Colin Kaepernick into a lightning rod and a powerful symbol of activism and resistance,” the GQ editors wrote. The magazine gushed that Kaepernick was “the man who became a movement.”

In addition, the former star QB jointly launched a project with the magazine to “reclaim the narrative of his protest.” He assisted the magazine’s editorial board in organizing a ten-person team “to speak on the subjects of activism, protest, and equality, and to offer some rare insights into Colin Kaepernick himself.”

Well, as PJ Media pointed out, most teams — and most NFL fans — already know all they want or need to know about Kaepernick. They remember him as the arrogant millionaire quarterback who chose the disrespecting the American flag and the National Anthem as a means to protest alleged “police brutality” against minorities.

They remember him as the NFL player who showed up to practice one time in socks featuring pigs wearing police caps. They remember him walking onto the practice field with a raised fist, emulating the Left-wing “Black Power” movement of the 1960s.

And so on.

What they also remember is that Kaepernick’s disrespect was wrapped up in the First Amendment and disguised as genuine concern about a problem he says exists, but which the available data doesn’t support.

As for Sarsour, a prominent Muslim activist who helped organize the Women’s March in January, in which a number of female entertainers were disgustingly disrespectful of newly inaugurated President Trump, she was featured in GQ on a list of 10 activists.

She was identified as an “activist, co-organizer of the Women’s March on Washington, former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York.”

In addition, the magazine published some comments about her activism and that of Kaepernick’s.

“I always tell Colin: ‘You are an American hero. You may not feel like a hero right now, but one day, people will realize the sacrifices that you made for so many others,'” Sarsour said. “There might even be a day when we’ll be walking down Colin Kaepernick Boulevard and people will remember what Colin Kaepernick did, just like we remember Muhammad Ali. And I truly believe that in my heart.” (Related: Women’s March organizer refuses to answer questions about the genital mutilation of young girls.)

Unless America changes dramatically in the next couple of decades, however, that’s not likely to happen. Sarsour and people like her support movements like Sharia law — Islamic religious law that is viciously discriminatory against women and gays, oppressing the former and killing the latter.

She also has ties to the terrorist group Hamas, which she steadfastly has refused to condemn. And she once recently called for a “jihad” against Trump; jihad — for the uninformed — is a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a matter of religious duty.

That American media would lionize and praise these two as “heroes” and examples is typical of just how far to the communist Left they have become.

J. D. Heyes is a senior correspondent for the Natural News network of sites and the editor-in-chief of

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